RIVKA works and lives in Amsterdam, but her inspirations are universal. From a young age she has traveled the world and got inspired. She combines techniques, looks at different cultures & nature and is font of experimenting with fabrics, techniques, colors and styles.

RIVKA is a textile artist with clothes as preference. She produces clothes that are art, handcraft as well as fashion. She prefers to work in single pieces or small, limited editions.

 The work of RIVKA DIATLOWICKI has been displayed in several places, this planet is her work field. She supplies on and off to shops in Amsterdam, Los Angeles and her latest venture is Mumbai.

Besides showcasing and selling her work in shops, RIVKA DIATLOWICKI has done several fashion shows. Combined as well as solo. And her clothes have been set up on several cultural events in and around Amsterdam. She has done styling and clothes for several photo shoots, TV shows, live bands and many other public appearances.


Rivka's work was featured in the VOGUE PORTUGAL